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Finite State Language, or FSL (pronounced "fossil,") is a programming language to make complex Finite State Machines easy to create and maintain. Finite State Machines can help make your code simpler, easier to test, more provable, and easier to reason about.

FSL ships with full Javascript tooling in es6 modules and commonjs es5, including visualization, with full support for node and the browser. FSL has 100% test coverage. FSL is free.

Support for C and Erlang is under development. MIT-licensed contributions are welcome.

Quick start

All quick start items have the same content as text, as a video, and as in-browser live example code, because different people learn different ways.



Example Code

Machine Name Image
Traffic Light (pic link)
[States of Matter(#todo) (pic link)
[Extensive States of Matter(#todo) (pic link)
[Who's On First(#todo) (pic link)


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